I first started creating headshots of Killian in my garage in 2018. 2 years later, he returned so I could update his LinkedIn profile picture.
When Julie and I were heading to the Congo the first time, we had some concerns. Knowing that Killian had expert knowledge of issues conflict zones, I wanted to get his take. The information he provided was invaluable, and it put our minds at ease.
It is a fun perk of my work, meeting and knowing my clients, and forming long-term relationships.

Barry: What’s your background?
Killian: Raised in Australia and in America. Traveled the world growing up, which helped me gain a good sense of my place in the world. Served in the Marine Corps and then as a Special Agent in the FBI. Left the FBI for the corporate world, working in the hospitality industry, federal contracting, and now tech industry.

Barry: What do you do now?
Killian: I am currently a Senior Account Executive at Amazon Web Services. I’ve been fascinated with the tech world and being a part of a company that is so progressive, forward-thinking, and customer-focused.

Barry: Why did you want to hire a professional photographer?
Killian: I strongly believe in lasting first impressions. The more composed you can be during your first meeting with someone, the better their overall perception of you will be. The same goes in our very digital world now. When someone looks me up on LinkedIn. Or my picture is associated with my biography for an event I am attending. I want to look like I put forth the effort to look presentable. And, the only way to do that is to work with a professional who knows how to capture you in the best possible way.

Barry: Why did you choose me?
Killian: I really liked the way that you capture your subjects. You tell stories with your photographs, and although that sounds a bit cliché, the work you do overseas tells countless stories. If you can capture subjects like that, you can most definitely capture a common man like myself.

Barry: What did you appreciate about working with me?
Killian: You take the time, even with a basic headshot, to make me feel comfortable in my own skin, which then reflects in the final image. That’s an art form in and of itself.

Barry: What would say to someone thinking about hiring a photographer.
Killian: Do it. At this point, the internet is the first place that people turn when they want to find out about you. If you have a professional like Barry capture the very best side of you, then people will see that first. You’re investing in something that people may see many times throughout the day, week, month, year – without you even knowing it. Why not make sure that what they see is what you want them to know of you.